White Haze


White Haze

White Haze is a book I designed based on the transcript from an episode of the popular podcast "This American Life" that follows the Proud Boys, a right-wing mens group. The Proud Boys believe “the West is best,” which, as one of them remarks, is very similar to saying “Whites are best.” My book explores this blurred line between Pro-American beliefs and outright racism.

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The entire book is printed on partially transparent vellum paper, french folded, and stab stitched. The black cover slip only allows the reader to see the words "White Male Christians" upon first read, causing them to question their own preconceptions of that group before reading the full book.


The podcast transcript as well as pull-quotes from Proud Boys members are printed on the front of the vellum paper. My cross-outs and edits are printed on the back of the paper and show through behind the quotes. As the reader moves through the book, the Proud Boys' words progressively fade further back into the cloudy paper and my truth becomes clearer. 


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