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XMag Branding


XMag Branding

XMag is a web-based magazine I helped found and served as Art Director for at WashU. XMag is dedicated to "promoting conversations about sexuality, because a sexually safe campus starts with a sex positive campus." The site features articles and art that focus on issues from sex life to sex health. 

XMag Website Mockup crop.jpg


I lead a small design team to build XMag's site. We spent many weeks wireframing the site - deciding what pages to include and how to organize the articles and art - to be the clearest for readers. We decided upon a clean, black and white editorial look that would allow the powerful artwork to speak for itself. Each section page has a strong horizontal image featuring art by contributors.

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The logo was inspired by the "X-Rating" graphics you see on movies. It was intended to be simple but recognizable, and able to be applied to various media (websites, icons, posters, etc). Although the logo is black and white, it takes on color when layered with artwork from contributors. Every semester, the piece behind the logo is changed.

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Besides designing the website and assisting the art contributors, a large part of my role as Art Director was leading the marketing charge. My team and I created a set of 3 posters to advertise across campus. The first was a giant 32"x25" poster featuring the logo. The poster is several times larger than any other student group poster, and by simply featuring the logo with limited extra information, it really stands out.

The other two posters are a typical letter size, but feature eye-catching artwork that differentiates them from the flurry of other flyers found on a college campus. The first of these was a general poster to hang everywhere on campus, while the other was placed on the back of bathroom stall doors (a captive audience!). 

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In addition to a poster campaign, I also made images for our members to post on social media based on the large poster after it garnered a lot of positive attention.

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